Transcription in English:

Another element of a good time management system is what David Allen calls „sacks”. Sacks are some places where you can place a given thought, idea, goal, task or inspiration. In general, the rule is very simple. „Sacks” can have different forms. They can be binders, shelves, they can be some cabinets, they can be other solutions, it can also be an application on a smartphone. I personally use the „Google Keep” application, which is a free application and which is used to create various types of notes.

Note that especially on creative positions, but also when running your own business or being a manager or salesman, you get different ideas. Some inspiration. For musicians, it is sometimes the case that a melody appears in the head and many musicians travel with a dictaphone. If an inspirational melody appears, then you can record it. It is also worth using this tool in business. So if you come across some interesting inspiration, some interesting ideas, some interesting solutions, some ideas for improvement in your business, or any new goal or task that you should accomplish, that’s what sacks are used for to get this idea out of your head and put it somewhere outside. To clear your mind. Sometimes it happens that different things come to mind, but after a moment we do not remember about them. On the one hand, we can’t think about what we don’t remember, but on the other hand, Allen writes that the brain is not so much about storing data, remembering everything, but rather for creative thinking. For inventing, for improving.

This is especially important when you are a manager, company manager or a business owner because your primary task is thinking. This is a streamlining process, it is improving the quality of business operations, i.e. working „on business” and not only „in business”. You need time and the sacks are a very nice tool here. You can have different sacks: ideas sacks, sacks for goals, sacks for private tasks, sacks for inspiration, even sacks for your beliefs or things and values ​​that matter to you. You can have „sacks” for whatever you want. Google Keep helps to organize it and all you have to do is open it at any time of the day and see: what you have to do, what your long-term goals are, what improvements you want to make. Some of these things will be on your list of weekly tasks, some will need to be done today. Some things you just leave for later but you will have them under control so that they will not escape notice. We simply miss a lot of things because we forget about them.

It is worth remembering something important to us. It is important in what direction we are going, because sometimes we can have a sense of chaos or just a worse day. The sacks allow us to remember what is important to us. They are also an anchor of positive emotional states. Thanks to the fact that I have an application on my smartphone, which I always have with me, I can easily and quickly pick azimuth. I can quickly remember which direction I want to go, what is important for me, what are my priorities, what goals, what projects I have to accomplish in the near future and calmly implement them during the work day, week, month or a year. For me it is a very helpful tool and I think it is a great proposition and it is worth that you also implement this concept in this time management system. „sacks”. I heartily recommend them!


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